Sunrise 1 Aug

Posted: 22/08/21

Sunrise 1 August 2021 - ANNIE HOLMES

Yorkshire Day.

Wow!  What a way to start Yorkshire Day.  I left the city at the age of five but still think of myself as a Yorkshire Lass!

I stood and looked at our amazing city for myself and my father who is in his 98th year and I remembered all the stories he told me from his youth.  His time as a telegram boy going on the docks which are no longer there delivering telegrams on Christmas Day to the fishing families.  All the buildings that are no longer standing.  His neighbours who died in the bombings of WW2 and how he stood in the city and watched it burn in the Blitz.  I thought about how our amazing city had reinvented itself and how old and new go so well together.  How can you not be proud to call this ‘our city’?

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